Dietary Options: Gluten Free

Rainbow Pone

Try one of each!

Sweet Potato Pone

Jamaican sweet potato glazed inna warm pineapple coconut sauce.

Cornmeal Pone

Cornmeal, coconut milk, and brown sugar glazed inna warm pineapple coconut sauce

Curry Chickpea

Entice your taste buds with slow-cooked chickpea carrots & potatoes, marinated in a rich Jamaican curry!
$3 Upgrade rice & peas

Jerk Lobster & Shrimp

Lobster & shrimp inna buttery jerk sauce.

Curry Goat

Relative to low-fat red meat, thoroughly seasoned with a traditional spice mix, that of Indo-Jamaican cooking.


A short-rib texture allows for a delicate, savory dark meat sautéed in melodies of thyme, scallions and garlic while drowning in a juicy tomato & butter bean blend. Take yourself on this cultural journey.

Curry Shrimp Meal

Shrimp cooked down inna lobster buttery curry, potatoes & more.


Mkt. Price
Whole Caribbean snapper fish. Head pan it, bone in, if yuh can’t handle it, don’t order it! (your choice of steam, escovitch, fried, or brown stew)

Sautéed Kale

Grandma’s kale sautéed in garlic & thyme.


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